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Welcome to Backyard Birders! A blog community creating our own peace and tranquility birding setups to enjoy nature making life better.

Birding is for all ages and provides enjoyment and tranquility for all walks of life and ages. Backyard Birders is not only a livestream and resource guide, but also a community for new and existing bird fans to come together to share their enjoyment and benefits.

Follow along with our blog for bird identification, feeders, migration guides and track our progress turning our little backyard into our own personal birding paradise.

You will occasionally hear freight trains and sometimes traffic and kiddos playing. Our birds do not seem to mind these noises too much until there is a really loud noise or a door is slammed. If the feeders are empty, wait a few minutes and the birds come back singing!


Christopher and Kelly

Fort Scott, Kansas

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We are Chris and Kelly living in the historic town of Fort Scott, Kansas and creating our own backyard birding paradise. Our goal is to see how many birds, butterflies and other wildlife we can attract to our backyard and yours.

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