Spring Time In Kansas!

April 11, 2023 CK Pro Photo, Weather, Kansas, Spring

Spring has arrived in Southeast Kansas

April is a magical month where I call home in Southeast Kansas. Slow to warm up during the day but super quick to cool down once the sun sets below the horizon. There is renewal all around between the fields turning green or disced for seeding. Every ranch has baby calfs laying in the sun enjoying the new sensation of warmth while birds sing in the trees.


All shots shown below were taken with a Sony Full Frame A7IV Camera Body utilizing an F2.8 Sony G-Master 24-70mm Lens and Sony Flash. Always learning through the lens shooting the ever changing landscapes.

Gravel dust haze for an abnormally dry Spring so far this year.

Chasing the sunset in Western Kansas never gets old


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Christopher Catalano - CK Pro Photography


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